What is a Probate?

Probate properties are properties that were owned by an individual that has passed away & transferred to the heirs.


What do we provide?

We provide probate data that we retrieve from local county courthouses for Real Estate Investors and/or Real Estate Agents interested in finding disadvantaged properties that can be purchased, Rehabbed, Wholesaled, and/or sold.


Why don't more people work this market?

This is a fairly misunderstood market. Most people assume that once an Estate is probated, the property is tied up in court. In fact, the executor of the Estate does, most often, have the authority to sell the property. There is oft times a negative connotation to probates. People feel that they may be taking advantage of someone with a probate property, when in fact, in many cases, the executor is simply overwhelmed and would like to talk with someone that can help them.


Do you provide telephone numbers?

Telephone numbers are generally not provided in probate case records for the executor of the estate. However, we do enhance our data and do provide phone numbers from 3rd party services.


What/Who is the PR?

The PR is the Personal representative. This individual is the person that has applied to be the Executor of the estate. The term Personal Representative is now used in most states as opposed to Executor.


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